Manor Farm House, Halvergate - Spring 2010

Still working on the house, it will probably never stop. This year's task is to create a large master bedroom and ensuite bathroom out of the two West side bedrooms. We took the ceiling in the spare bedroom down and stripped the walls back to brick ready to build the ensuite. Following that and whilst and planning the ceiling support we need when the dividing wall is removed we noticed that the West side chimney stack was leaking and in danger of collapse. This required a modification of our plans and unexpected expenditure. We have had the West facing wall scaffolded so that the chimney could be repaired. With the scaffold up we will take the opportunity to replace the barge boards, fit a fire escape window to the master bedroom and have the West facing wall reinforced, rendered and painted.

With the scaffold up Michael (Julie's brother) took a 360 degree panorama from the top of the scaffold — I couldn't do it because of my vertigo which seems to get worse as I get older.

Click your mouse and drag right or left to roll through the panorama

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